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We have taken and continue to take steps with the dream of performance that adds value to your life and designs that make your work easier.

          Yavuz Engine


          YAVUZ MOTORS was founded by Prf.Dr.Sedat Celikdogan in 1992 with the awareness of national production. It continues its R&D studies uninterruptedly to meet the engine needs of our country and to compete with international brands.

It has managed to become an important sub-industry in Turkey's national engine production.

          YAVUZ MOTORS started with the production of biel arm, cylinder block, cylinder cover from critical engine parts, mainly abroad.

In 2002, YAVUZ MOTORS  registered its brand and started to invest in industrial diesel engine production and has been producing its own engineering design diesel engine since 2005.

          It continues OEM production for Customer satisfaction oriented Diesel Engine and Main critical engine parts

Today, YAVUZ MOTORS continues to deliver its products by competing with international brands in direct/indirect exports to 5 continents.

In Turkey, we deliver our products to our customers throughout Turkey, mainly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir cities, and we serve many sectors including Energy, Business Machinery and Automotive.

          We continue our conception of customer satisfaction by meeting the engineering service needs of our customers related to the engine by sticking to the founding principles of our company.

          With Turkish Engineering, it has managed to produce more affordable solutions by producing diesel engines that can produce high power per liter.

Our story, which started with the dream of producing an engine, continues today with different engine productions and high volume engine R&D activities.


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