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          YAVUZ MOTORS respects the privacy of the web site visitors and their request to protect personal data. Therefore, we have an Online Privacy Policy specifying how we can use the information you might provide when you visit our web site.

          You provide authorization to us as YAVUZ MOTORS, our subsidiaries, partners, successors, sub-suppliers or other third parties (jointly “Partner Companies”) to use, retain and process your Identification information (“Personal Information”) including but not limited to your name and address for us to provide information regarding services and developments that are a part of, defined at or usable via the site.

          Unless you indicate your withdrawal by contacting us as described at the end of this Privacy Policy, your Personal Information can be used by us or any YAVUZ MOTORS member to inform you about new developments or activities that might interest you. If you wish us to convey your Personal Information to our Partner Companies to be able to contact you for giving details of development or activities that might interest you, please contact us as described at the end of this Privacy Policy. Please consider the fact that the Partner Companies might be located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

          We may transmit or give your Personal Information to our professional consultants or, if deemed necessary, to other similar parties related to the Web Site management and related activities, and disclose as legally deemed necessary.

          We may compile statistics, responses to researches and surveys, traffic patterns and related site information and disclose such collective data to third parties for marketing, advertisement or other promotion purposes; however, such collective information shall not contain any Personal Information. In order to monitor and improve our web site, when you use our site, we can select some collected information including but not limited to your incoming and outgoing URL and the sections of our web site you visited and record such information at our servers. Such information are primarily used to provide you with a better online experience.

          During the time you have accessed to our Web site, we use small files (“cookies”) saved to your hard drive via our browser to track how you use our web site. These cookies allow us to learn which pages you found useful and which pages were not of use to you, so that we can provide you with a more enlightening web site. These cookies do not allow us to reach your computer or any information related to you other than the data you have preferred to share with us. After you cease your access to our web site, we do not use the information gathered by these cookies anywhere else. By using this web site, you allow us to use cookies in the manner explained above. If you prefer not to accept cookies, you can adjust the settings of your browser to disable cookies.

          Always make sure that the Personal Information you price are correct, complete and the registration information (where applicable) contain your real name, address and other requested information. In order to allow us to keep our records current, please inform us of any change in this information as soon as possible.

          Only you are responsible from your Personal Information and if we conclude that they can cause loss, liability or commercial damage to us, we can apply to any action related to your information as we deem necessary or fit.

          Despite having all reasonable measures aimed at protecting your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee the security of the Personal Information you have disclosed online. You accept that you cannot hold us responsible from any security violation unless caused by a specific negligence of YAVUZ MOTORS or security problems inherent to online engagements.

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