Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy


Selecting and Placing

          Our employee profile consists of people who are experts in their field, who believe in team spirit, who are highly motivated for the company and the function it works in, who aim for success, who are dynamic, creative, environmentally sensitive, willing to create positive values that are open to innovation and development.

Performance Management

          As YAVUZ MOTORS , we see all our employees as our most important capital that affects and reveals the strength and performance of the company in an intensely competitive environment.

Our Human Resources Policy is to carry out the recruitment of manpower in line with the strategies and objectives of our company and to develop the professional skills of our qualified employees with Human Resources tools.

Our recruitment process is evaluated both in terms of cultural compliance with the Group and in terms of position compliance. Candidate pools are created from the applications received for the positions and evaluated in terms of the requirements of the positions, and the candidates are invited to multiple interviews. As a result of the evaluations, the recruitment process results in job offers to the appropriate candidate, determination of their goals, and mutual acceptance after intensive negotiation and recognition process. Candidates who are not offered jobs are informed and reserved in the Candidate Database for other open positions that may be appropriate. When our beginners start their first job, they are given the opportunity to get to know the current functioning and organization closely through a general orientation program. The manpower we aim for is in accordance with the values of the institution, has a high sense of belonging and is open to development.

A performance management system based on targets is implemented. Employees meet with their managers and both general and individual business goals are determined. Evaluation; it is done by mutual discussion with the personnel evaluated according to the open performance system.

The knowledge, experience, competence and performance results of our employees are evaluated in order to improve and guide their business life. According to the evaluation results, the training and development needs of the employee are determined.

Career Management

          It is an important priority to evaluate, develop and make career plans of our employees at all levels who are constantly fulfilling their goals, developing their competencies, preparing themselves for responsibilities above their position, willing to take responsibility. In our company, elevation can be in the form of vertical or horizontal, multiple responsibilities.


          In order to give importance to the development of our employees, to improve their potential, to increase their performance and to sustain this increase, within the framework of the Annual Training plan, our employees from both internal and external educational institutions are given trainings on the specified subjects and aim to increase continuous development and manpower efficiency and contribute to career management.


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